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Seminar on How to make Organon Easy

Co-Ordinator Name

Dr. Maitri Sukhadia ,
Dr. Harshna Goti

Chief Guest/ Invitee

Dr. Sanjay Modi,
Dr. Amitrai Shah

Objective of the event

Learn and understand Organon in an easy way for students.

Details of the event

The Seminar was arranged by Dr. Maitri Sukhadia and Dr. Harshna Goti under the guidance of Dr. Vipul Shastri. The seminar was successfully hosted by Dr.Maitri Sukhadia. It began with lamp lightning. Welcome speech & Introduction of speaker given by Dr. Maitri Sukhadia. Felicitation of Dr. Sanjay Modi was done by Dr. Harshna Goti with flowers and momento. The felicitation of Dr. Amitrai Shah was done by Dr. Piyush Gujarathi. 

After that, Dr. Sanjay Modi started the seminar. He taught that what is organon, why it is important to practise homoeopathy, how to read , understood and remember organon in an easy way. He wrote a book on it so he also gave introduction and reason behind writing that book. It was a good interactive session.

Students also attend this seminar with good interest and enthusiasm. At the end, Dr. Sanjay Modi sir was honoured by Dr. Shivani Parikh with a Token of Gratitude- Certificate. Seminar ended with National Anthem.

Outcome of the Event

All students happily and enthusiastically participate it and learn from it. Organon is one of the important subject of homoeopathy and that teach homoeopath that how to practice homoeopathy, so in books it feels difficult to
learn, understand and remember, so for that Dr. Sanjay Modi sir make it easy to understand and remember through his way of teaching and his books.

Photographs of the event

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