Vidhyadeep Homoeopathic Medical College And Research Centre

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Mission & Vision

To be a center of excellence in Homoeopathic Medical Education and Research. To be progressive…

About Homoeopathy

We are offering Homoeopathy as a serious alternative to conventional medicine. We mainly focus on…

Admission in Homoeopathy

In the Homoeopathy (Degree Course) Regulations, 1983 (here in after referred to as the said regulations),…

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Address: AT & PO :- Anita, Kim-Olpad Highway, Surat, Gujarat 394110 India


To impart quality higher education and become a hub of excellence in the field of homoeopathy.


Mission Statement "Aude Sapere"

The mission statement of the college is “Aude Sapere” meaning “Dare to be wise” which exhorts all Homoeopaths associated with the college to carry on the mission of curing the sick dedicatedly.


We at Vidhyadeep Homoeopathic Medical College & Research Centre, Anita, Kim strive hard to accomplish the goals & objectives laid down by our management by nourishing the following values:

Humanitarian Approach

We nurture that each individual has a separate unique identity and must be treated with equal respect and dignity irrespective of the caste, religion and socioeconomic background.

Touch of caring and compassion

We believe that a simple touch/ words of caring and compassion begin the healing process and that this will form our main instrument of the homoeopathic healing art of case taking.

Excellence in treatment, education & research

We shall strive very hard and put all our efforts to provide excellent quality homoeopathic treatment to the patients, excellent homoeopathic education to students in their clinical postings and undertake good quality research to prove the efficacy of homoeopathy in acute as well as chronic cases.

Social Responsibility

We believe that as homoeopathic physicians, we owe something to the society and shall put our best efforts to reach out to as many needy patients in the community and deliver highest quality homoeopathic treatment in form of homoeopathic health check-up camps. We are well aware of our role to develop a healthy society to live in and will celebrate & contribute to all the days of national importance as listed by the World Health Organization.

Foster healthy environment in the hospital

We believe that a healthy environment in the hospital with a positive mindset of all staff members is necessary for the smooth running of the hospital.

  • To provide essential and transformative education in homoeopathy to empower individuals to reach their full potential and contribute positively to society
  • To cultivate a diverse inclusive leaning environment that fosters critical thinking and life long learning skills.
  • To excellence in the field of homoeopathy through research, education and compassionate patient care.
  • To uphold the standard of practice while promoting the holistic health and wellbeing of individuals through the principal of Homoeopathy.

Behavioral Values of our Staff

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